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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tell me about

How do you feel when you have to

Give a presentation

Hello! We meet again ! 
In this time, i will share what i feel when i give my presentation in front of a many people or in front of the classroom. Many people who say that on public speaking was a talent, it’s wrong. In the right, the ability to speak in public will develop with exercise and practice. Before the presentation of starts, I’ve learn and practice as much as possible to come forward, and in this even my heart a palpitations that i already did before advancing. I often felt the mouth locked when giving a presentation, cold sweat profusely like a sauna bath, my body feels cold as just now entering the refrigerator, corvered in the spoke, the words came out haltingly as people who are just learning to read, and  sometimes my body is vibrating , hehehehe maybe that’s all I can say about my feelings when i’m presentation. 

Participate in a seminar or meeting

My feelings when i became a speaker of seminars or meetings and must speaking in front of  many people, I foam became nervous and lost for words when in front of like a saying “em..ee..eee”. I think it is a natural thing that is felt by everyone when we will conduct a seminar. As I said earlier, I had “stage of fright”. Altough i have never felt alone how to became speakers in a seminars, but i have a perception if the seminar was not much a different from the presentation in front of the classroom or in front of many people. In fact I envy to the people who can fluently speak in front of crowds, relaxed in speaking and do not rush in delivering the material. If I was having “stage fright” when during  at the seminar, I can speak of faster because I fell nervous. 

Meet a people

I have a feel if i meet new a people, i do not even feel of nervous. I would ask him to communicate it as acquainted, talking about of anything, and tried to make her more comfortable with me. But I never felt of nervous when meeting new a people, sometimes feel insecure, feel confident and feel awkward when talking to new a people. I feel afraid if I had a follow their conversation, I will be a excommunicated L .

What advice would you give to people who were nervous about all tell situation above!

I have a suggestion for all of you who read my previous post. At first, if you feel a nervous when presenting in front of a class or seminar, I recommend the solution include : learn to expand relationships and communicate with a  many types of people, learn to be more open to other people and groups, trying to prepare a presentation with a more of casual and relaxed, this can be by turning the listen to music of light, discuss and ask the opinion of the people to your presentation, keep the focus remains to provide the best for the audience, set breath several times before the next (deep breath and exhale slowly), always keep a “eye contact” and smile to the audience, and you can do the exercise in front of a mirror before the seminar or presentation at begins.
The second suggestion , when we meet a new people and we feel awkward or nervous, we can cope with not having a negative perception of the people we’ve just met, to avoid embarrassment when interacting, and increase self confidence. 

So advice from me, if there is one word, I’m sorry
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