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Sunday, September 20, 2015

English Speech


This is the task of the English language which is making a speech opening two paragraphs that contain or introductions. I chose the theme of “Opening of a new building” . Happy reading all !

 Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

First of all let us aimed for the presence to Allah SWT who has given grace and gidance so that on this occasion we can come together on campus that we love this in the context of ratification of the new building has just been completed. Second, let us greet and pray to our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW who had brought us to the path of light and left the darkness in this life. I would like to thank colleagues who have helped the E’s building is both material and non-meterial .

I'm here a chairman of the commite of building E Faculty of Social and Political Science of Lampung University will be introduced to colleagues all about the new building which was a completed. This building has a room that we can use of all. In this building there is not only space that serves to college students, but inside there are also lecture rooms, labolatory space of television, photography, and radio that are specific to the department of communication sciences. On the other there are 4 bathrooms of which could be used by students and faculty.

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