Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WHO (World Health Organization)


What is the WHO? WHO stands for World Health Organization (World Health Organization). WHO is one of the agencies under the auspices of the United Nations that acts as a coordinator of international public health and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
WHO was established by the United Nations on April 7, 1948. Margaret Chan was the general who served from 2006 until now. WHO has a parent organization, namely the United Nations Econ and Social Council (ECOSOC). The task of the WHO is to coordinate activities in terms of improving public health in different parts of the world.
WHO consists of the WHA (World Health Assembly), Executive Board (Executive Board) and the Secretariat (the Secretariat). The World Health Assembly is composed of 193 countries and meet every March to formulate important decisions WHO. It also determines who becomes Director General, budget planning organization, and the WHO Executive Board to discuss the report. The WHO Executive Board is composed of 34 people chosen every three years based on special expertise in the field of health. These experts convened in January and May. This trial resulted in important decisions to be submitted to the Institute of Representatives as an ingredient formulation of policies and the resolution of the WHO. WHO secretariat has a staff numbering 3800 people health officials and experts in the field of specialized or general health. They work at WHO headquarters or regional offices. They provide support, stimulation global thinking and action as a whole to realize and propose ideas to the World Health Assembly, Executive Board and regional offices.

WHO's goal is to achieve maximum health for all people
in the world. Untuk achieve these objectives WHO actively doing the following tasks:
1. Duty to tackle health by helping to conduct restrictions against infectious diseases
2. Providing medical assistance to countries in need
3. Helping to improve the welfare and health of the mother and child
4. Encourage and assist the implementation of the research in the field of health

Because my English group of "Drugs", the suggestion for WHO to address health organizations in the world including drug problem are:
1. WHO should sponsor programs to prevent the spread of these illicit drugs.
2. WHO can also do a campaign related to health such as to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables worldwide and to prevent
use drugs

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