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Monday, May 4, 2015

Who am i ??

Annyeong ! ^^

Hi, my name is Ayu Ika Dhanny, you can call me Ayu or Ika or Dhanny :D. Now, i am 18 years old. I was born in Central Lampung on 20th January 1997. I was born of a simple family, my father named Sukarni a working hard to support the family and my mother named Suprihatin a beautiful woman and always patiently guide their children.
I had two brothers, I was the first child and I have a younger brother named Ashmar Huzairin a boy who already looks handsome from now 'hahaha :D'. He was still in primary school grade 6.I reside in the village as Seputih Agung in Central Lampung. It took a trip for 2 hours from Bandar Lampung to the great white. But now I stay while in the city lampung Jl.Bumi Manti, Gg.H Said mas, no. 105. Easier for her, right is behind Lampung University Engineering Faculty.

I will talk about the history of my education. I started school at the age which is relatively very small in the four years I've entered kindergarten in the great white. Then proceed to the SD Negeri 1 white as the Supreme and SMP Negeri 1 Seputih Agung. And I continued my studies at SMAN 1 Terbanggi Besar with social science majors. After graduation, I am now here at the University of Lampung and I majored in communication sciences at the faculty of social sciences and political science. 

I have a some hobbies, among them I love listening to music, when I was listening to the music automatically I will sing 'hahaha'. I would rather listen to Korean music. Ah .. now still 'his day' k-pop, right? :D I also like to watch movies, and again I like the Korean film 'hihi'. and I also like long walks.

Maybe that's all from me.
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Thank you for visiting! ^^
Khamsahamnida! ^^

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